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617 websites Rank:5,638 Worth:$1,200,000 DA:60 uses artificial intelligence to empower users with real-time transcription meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible and secure. Rank:137,798 Worth:$37,000

Data-driven insight and authoritative analysis for business, digital, and policy leaders in a world disrupted and inspired by technology

Certos – The software inside leading laboratory equipment Rank:1,845,616 Worth:$170

Statice offers data anonymization technology for data-driven enterprises. Use compliant privacy-preserving synthetic data for data integration, processing, and dissemination with the Statice data anonymization software. Rank:8,434,492 Worth:$10

CarStory: Inventory Intelligence combining 12 years of automotive data to create unique vehicle and market analytics. These insights are the fuel that power everything we do. CarStory Insights provides sales predictions for used inventory nationwide. Rank:493,174 Worth:$3,600

‍We make the online ordering experience simple, seamless, and rewarding while providing robust intelligence to personalize interactions, automate campaigns and drive loyalty.

TypeDB is a database with a rich and logical type system. TypeDB empowers you to solve complex problems, using TypeQL as its query language. Rank:444,171 Worth:$4,000

G42 is a technology group that invents visionary artificial intelligence for a better everyday. Born in Abu Dhabi and operating across the world, we champion AI as a powerful force for good across industries and societies. Rank:189,083 Worth:$27,000

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The domain name is for sale. Make an offer or buy it now at a set price. Rank:6,171,350 Worth:$13

authID's Verified Identity platform provides secure FIDO2 passwordless authentication fortified with biometrics to stop credential compromise. Rank:96,081 Worth:$65,000 DA:15

Doramaindo - Download Drama, Movie & Live Action Subtitle Indonesia. Rank:402,578 Worth:$4,400

Configure, quote, and procure IT infrastructure (internet, WAN, colocation, voice) in Lightyear's platform. Manage your IT network from a single pane of glass. Rank:2,025,213 Worth:$150

Antidote provides quality telehealth services for primary care, mental health and chronic conditions. Access board-certified clinicians 24/7. Rank:354,005 Worth:$11,000

Phyxter Home Services is a nationally known but locally based Home Service company specializing in residential HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing. We are wholly committed to providing you and your family with the most highly trained and knowledgeable technicians and the best products on the market. is an AI powered free call tracking software to track all inbound customer calls from digital & advertising platforms Rank:1,188,657 Worth:$260

Hello there! ♪( ´▽`) :: Karen's Pineapple Rank:6,466,950 Worth:$12

With Kustomer, deliver faster, richer experiences to your customers with omnichannel messaging, a unified customer view, and AI-powered automations. Rank:893,540 Worth:$800

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years - helps you make sense of it. Using artificial intelligence, generates the most comprehensive picture of the research landscape and provides you with insights into topics, institutes, countries, journals and funding bodies. Rank:392,194 Worth:$9,800

Use the full potential of your data with intelligent solutions. Become more efficient on a daily basis and reduce your environmental impact. Rank:7,185,492 Worth:$11

We build and deploy robotic platforms for providing safe and scalable last mile goods delivery in urban areas . We pick up goods from places like restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores and bring them directly to your house, enabling faster, cheaper, and safer delivery to meet customer’s growing expectations. Rank:355,804 Worth:$11,000

SHARESは経営やサービス運営における課題を解決するための相談サービスです。専門家にWEB上で気軽に相談が出来る場を提供し、皆様の経営課題をスピーディに解決することがSHARESの使命です。 Rank:1,956,029 Worth:$160

Addo | AI-Powered Transformation Consulting Rank:5,812,972 Worth:$14

Moka’s automated investing platform helps make achieving financial freedom easy. Set it, forget it, and make your millions. Rank:5,099,780 Worth:$15

Make freight trucking super efficient with Locomation AI autonomous trucking solutions. We offer autonomous truck technology to transform the trucking industry. Rank:65,315 Worth:$96,000 DA:32

Sapling AI messaging assistant for customer-facing teams. Sapling integrates with messaging platforms to improve response quality and efficiency. Rank:8,109,374 Worth:$10

Where Where R Enthusiasts And Data Scientists Gather to Explore, Share, and Inspire Ideas. New York City | Washington, DC | Dublin, Ireland Rank:2,720,082 Worth:$110

Free, unblocked, HD voice and video calls for everyone! Enjoy group calls and conference calls with up to 20 people at ToTok app for Android and iOS. Download ToTok apk and start video calling. Rank:867,635 Worth:$820 helps colleges and universities by using chatbots to answer student questions before they reach a human. Each bot is individually pre-trained with millions of questions and answers from your institution’s website to provide personalized results. Rank:715,476 Worth:$1,000

Unit21 helps protect businesses against adversaries through a simple API and dashboard for detecting and managing money laundering, fraud, and other sophisticated risks across multiple industries. Rank:58,477 Worth:$110,000

ContentBot is the perfect AI Writer for founders and marketers. Add an AI Content Assistant to your team today - Create high quality content with and GPT-3 Rank:1,604,857 Worth:$190

Sustainability and energy data management are fully integrated to track all energy, water, waste, and emissions data on your journey towards net-zero emissions. Rank:503,675 Worth:$1,400

Deci empowers deep learning developers to accelerate inference on edge or cloud, reach production faster, and maximize hardware potential. Rank:1,022,753 Worth:$300

Introducing the most mature, practical, and independently validated Li-Metal battery for electric vehicles (EVs). Rank:1,061,498 Worth:$290

Kodiak has built the most advanced autonomous technology for long-haul trucking. We're currently moving goods in Texas and Oklahoma using our self-driving fleet. Rank:1,288,866 Worth:$240 | 522: Connection timed out Rank:2,898,505 Worth:$100

AIを作る「Learning Center」、動かす「Cube」、手書き対応AI-OCR「DX Suite」などのAIプラットフォームを提供するAI inside 株式会社の公式サイトです。会社概要、ニュース、サービス情報などをお届けします。

V9bet thuộc quản lý của chính phủ Philippines trụ sở đặt tại quốc gia này. V9BET Ai đa dạng trò chơi như ✅ Cá cược thể thao ✅ Casino trực tuyến ✅ Game quay số ✅ Xổ số Rank:212,175 Worth:$18,000

Leena AI is an enterprise conversational AI that enhances employee experience via HR helpdesk automation and employee engagement software. Rank:1,843,656 Worth:$170

Enable MLOps with cloud-agnostic model monitoring and data monitoring via the WhyLabs AI Observability Platform. Supports any data, at any scale. Rank:1,207,432 Worth:$250

Increase your customer retention and grow your hospitality business. Build a unified guest experience that's easy for you and your customers. Rank:1,140,467 Worth:$270

Databand is the only proactive data observability platform that catches bad data before it impacts your business. Rank:819,380 Worth:$870

Rekor’s real-time infrastructure intelligence provides powerful analytical solutions on vehicles, roadways, and city infrastructure. NASDAQ: REKR. Rank:466,034 Worth:$3,800

Integrate live data, construct ontologies, and create shared understanding in a collaborative, open-source workspace. Rank:255,924 Worth:$15,000

Rise Up aligne votre programme de Formation sur vos besoins Business à travers un modèle orienté performance, à même d’inclure le meilleur de la Technologie et de l’Humain. Rank:4,322,914 Worth:$18

「Tegaki」は、手書き・活字を高精度で認識、データ化する日本語入力AI OCRサービスです。各種申込書や診断書、アンケートなどのデータ入力を「Tegaki」が行います。 Rank:1,081,579 Worth:$280

Azati is the team of bright-minded software developers, architects, designers and project managers not scared of sophisticated challenges. Rank:676,630 Worth:$1,100

RoboSense is a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems. With a complete portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and IC chipsets, RoboSense transforms conventional 3D LiDAR sensors with comprehensive data analysis and interpretation systems. Rank:1,628,405 Worth:$190

OliveX : Building a fitness metaverse on the blockchain Rank:1,180 Worth:$5,900,000 DA:33

با «بله» به راحتی با دیگران گفتگو کنید، در ارتباط باشید و کارهای بانکی خود را انجام دهید. Rank:978,525 Worth:$730

Train AI on the Richness of Human Language. Build powerful datasets with Surge AI’s global data labeling platform and workforce. Rank:1,895,115 Worth:$160

Tact is the only next generation customer engagement platform for life sciences that is human-friendly, omni-channel and AI-powered. Rank:605,042 Worth:$1,200

Open XDR security solutions – protect enterprises & MSSPs from entire attack surface through Stellar Cyber Open XDR with fully visualize through AI which detect, investigate & respond to all attack activities. Rank:2,593,570 Worth:$120

Glia creates digital-first moments that transform how financial institutions connect with their customers using Messaging, Video, Voice, CoBrowsing, and AI. Rank:1,204,606 Worth:$250

Learn how to separate hype from reality, and turn artificial intelligence (AI) into real business value with our conversational AI platform. Rank:81,206 Worth:$77,000 DA:41

Rayyan offers comprehensive systematic review solutions for students, librarians, and researchers. Click here to learn more. Rank:675,174 Worth:$1,100

Verta provides model Management & Operations solutions for high-velocity Data Science and Machine Learning teams. Click here to learn more! Rank:890,942 Worth:$800

The leading visual bot platform to design and create AI chatbots for Facebook, WhatsApp and Web. Build integrated solutions to automate customer interactions. Rank:2,313,953 Worth:$130

Actionfigure’s TransitScreen®, the original real-time transportation information display, and transit data solutions for commercial real estate, TDM, and employers. Rank:1,870,839 Worth:$160

Corti offers a digital assistant, augmenting medics in improving patient outcomes and internal performance. Rank:4,630,266 Worth:$16

Domain Default page Rank:1,116,903 Worth:$270

Reliable, safe, and certified software for autonomous mobility. We enable automotive developers to implement complex AI software. We enable AI developers to implement safety-critical applications. Rank:786,830 Worth:$910

Create synthetic data for computer vision models that are accurate and performant. Genrate labeled, diverse, and photorealistic image and video ML datasets.

TRU LUV helps communities achieve revolutionary impact through amplified compassion Rank:405,839 Worth:$4,300

KENJI is an Instagram bot that helps you get more Instagram followers. Grow your Instagram account faster with the best Instagram follow bot!

At Google, we think that AI can meaningfully improve people’s lives and that the biggest impact will come when everyone can access it. Learn more about our projects and tools. Rank:1,918,860 Worth:$160

Die einzige Komplettlösung für Kommunikation aus Europa: Sichere Daten, deutsche Cloud und lokale Ansprechpartner:innen. Rank:78,470 Worth:$80,000 DA:33

Rezi’s award-winning AI-powered resume builder is trusted by hundreds of thousands of job seekers. Create your perfect resume in minutes with Rezi. Rank:457,035 Worth:$3,800 is a leading end-to-end recruitment solutions provider making accurate hiring easier.’s AI-based recruiting software enables businesses streamline their end-to-end recruitment. Rank:502,185 Worth:$1,400

We partner with forward looking companies to turn ideas into innovation. Our approach mixes enterprise leadership, entrepreneurial expertise, and technological experimentation into fuel that accelerates innovation at scale. Rank:80,088 Worth:$78,000 DA:34

На CoreApp легко создавать образовательные материалы онлайн, делиться ими с учениками, отслеживать выполнение заданий и анализировать результаты обучения. Rank:10,707,633 Worth:$10

Missinglettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that turns your content into engaging social media posts and helps you solve distribution by finding the best influencers in your niche. Rank:240,150 Worth:$16,000

We build Haystack NLP framework and deepset Cloud enterprise ML/NLP SaaS platform. We help you implement NLP. Rank:6,664,570 Worth:$11

Akari Link Shortener Rank:1,635,284 Worth:$190

The Intelligent Operations you didn’t know existed – and you didn’t know you needed. This is Honeywell Forge. Rank:3,008,060 Worth:$26

Cost-effective Conversational AI solutions transforming customer interaction for global enterprises. Discover cutting-edge chat, email, and voice tech.

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