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676 websites Rank:1,622,246 Worth:$190's software-based health and wellness monitoring enables businesses to measure real-time health data using mobile device cameras. Rank:31,976 Worth:$200,000

awoo Intelligence 阿物科技是台灣SEO領導品牌、Email精準行銷、智能電商領域第一名的MarTech 行銷科技公司,提供人工智慧創新科技服務,協助客戶快速打造在 OMO 的超級銷售體驗,超過600 間企業用戶共同見證推薦。 Rank:195,996 Worth:$26,000

Nottaは最新のAI音声認識エンジンを搭載する高精度な文字起こしサービスです。リアルタイム文字起こしと翻訳機能を備え、また、1度に最長5時間までの音声ファイルを素早くテキスト化が可能。PCで音声変換や編集も気軽に行います。 Rank:297,570 Worth:$13,000

WOMBO ME is the world's best AI-powered Avatar app. Rank:2,151,435 Worth:$140

Connect online shoppers to a local retail store associate and sell virtually in a personalized way. Bring the in-store customer experience online.

The best place to backorder/drop purchase expiring ccTLD domain names Rank:1,281,335 Worth:$240

Suki is an AI-powered voice assistant that lifts the administrative burden from clinicians, so they have time to focus on what matters - patient care. Rank:766,273 Worth:$930

VOICE & AI 2023 is the world's largest Generative and Conversational AI event dedicated to the developers, designers, product leaders, marketers, and more. Rank:5,921,546 Worth:$13

KI Entwicklung und andere Zukunftstechnologien. Eine Marke von Uden UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

newData | SEO and cutting edge analytical services | newData Rank:750,120 Worth:$950

Explore the depth and beauty of Seattle's original neighborhood. Pioneer Square is a richly historic place known for its Renaissance Revival architecture, First Thursday art walks, unique night life, delicious foodie destinations, and quirky boutiques. Rank:1,195,121 Worth:$260

Hunters Security Operations Center (SOC) Platform helps security teams move beyond SIEM: Reduce Risk, Complexity, and Cost for the SOC. Rank:78,470 Worth:$80,000 DA:33

Rezi’s award-winning AI-powered resume builder is trusted by hundreds of thousands of job seekers. Create your perfect resume in minutes with Rezi. Rank:4,210,709 Worth:$19

Effect Network - Effect Network Rank:245,873 Worth:$16,000

Buy fractional real estate from across the U.S.A. Get paid rent daily and watch your holdings appreciate. Invest in under 5 minutes. Rank:827,039 Worth:$860

Scale and streamline your customer service with the leading conversational and generative AI-powered customer support automation platform. Rank:1,442,305 Worth:$210 - DEX on Solana. Scalable and Decentralized Exchange Governed by the DeFi Community. Use Soldex Yield Farming with Doubles. Rank:3,596,511 Worth:$21

Get the full picture of your health with Collect and own your health data, accelerate medical research, and safely contribute to science with artificial intelligence. Rank:776,001 Worth:$920

Spott - give your content the return it deserves - Rank:58,477 Worth:$110,000

Your ultimate AI Workflow solution. Create custom AI Content Flows and streamline your content creation process. Rank:46,469 Worth:$130,000 is your one-stop solution for professional logo design. Create and edit logos with ease, no design skills required. Try it now for free! Rank:1,435,975 Worth:$210

API security and Unified API protection solutions that safeguards your organization across the entire API risk lifecycle. Cequence Security is the leader trusted by Fortune 50 companies. Rank:220,464 Worth:$17,000

Folio3 machine learning company makes use of artificial intelligence solution for businesses to explore infinite possibilities and digital transformations. Rank:241,993 Worth:$16,000

Improve Talent Quality and Accelerate Hiring with Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™: Screening, Skill Test, Interview, and L&D Software. Rank:1,635,284 Worth:$190

The Intelligent Operations you didn’t know existed – and you didn’t know you needed. This is Honeywell Forge. Rank:1,292,572 Worth:$240

ONE is a Michigan-born energy storage company focused on battery technologies that will accelerate the adoption of EVs and expand energy storage solutions.

Let AI organize your team’s work—from meeting notes, projects, to knowledge bases. All instantly searchable and readily discoverable. Rank:337,089 Worth:$11,000

Boost your self-service rates and reach new heights of customer satisfaction using our end-to-end conversational AI platform! Rank:257,255 Worth:$15,000

The only AI video generator with customized video templates, AI presenters in different accents and languages, and more. Try for free TODAY! Rank:7,574,947 Worth:$10

Visually build, train, & deploy chatbots to do just about anything. We have joined the HubSpot family!

Watchful provides unprecedented competitive intelligence into A/B Tests, Feature Releases, User Flow benchmarking, and persona-based marketing efforts. Rank:503,675 Worth:$1,400

Deci empowers deep learning developers to accelerate inference on edge or cloud, reach production faster, and maximize hardware potential. Rank:605,042 Worth:$1,200

Next Gen SIEM Security - Stellar Cyber delivers NG-SecOps, Next Gen SIEM, Network Detection and Response, EDR platform along with SIEM security tools. Rank:702,695 Worth:$1,000

Manage all your social media messages in one place, including private messages and comments, with Hootsuite. Clean up your inbox with a free trial now! Rank:1,034,158 Worth:$300

January's AI health app analyzes thousands of data points to help you eat smarter and live healthier. Wear a CGM once, and January creates your "digital twin," and personalized health insights via your 24/7 AI health coach. Rank:986,874 Worth:$720

Nova A.I. - simple yet powerful online video editing and logging software powered by a computer vision video search engine. Rank:435,756 Worth:$4,000

Spiro is an AI-driven CRM for manufacturers and distributors that provides a one stop customer platform to manage customer relationships. Rank:3,081,370 Worth:$25

Cerb is a web-based platform for enterprise communication and workflow automation. Boost team productivity with bots, dashboards, and shared inboxes.

Bardeen is an AI automation platform to replace your repetitive tasks. Explore our integrations with your favorite apps and hundreds of pre-built playbooks that help you stay in the flow. Rank:3,628,180 Worth:$21

Welcome to Mella Pet Care - Your Trusted Destination for Pet Health Care. Discover the most reliable and accurate axillary pet thermometers to monitor your furry friend's well-being. Ensure your pet's health and happiness with our products.

The second generation of a conversational AI platform. The fastest way to create great conversational experiences in any channel, using any of the top AI engines. Rank:1,715,983 Worth:$180

Paige is transforming the way pathologists work through a comprehensive digital pathology platform and generative AI applications.

At Healx we use AI drug discovery to develop new treatments for rare diseases. We bring treatments from prediction to patient.

Inworld is the leading Character Engine for AI NPCs. Inworld NPCs exhibit complex and lifelike behaviors, increasing player engagement and immersion. Our Character Engine powers multimodal expression of personality and renders characters within the logic and fantasy of their worlds. Rank:90,945 Worth:$69,000 DA:37

Lower support costs while providing a top-tier customer experience every time. Unlock efficiency with the only autonomous customer support AI platform. développe de nouvelles solutions de mesure et d'optimisation de l'efficacité publicitaire, soutenues par l'intelligence artificielle, 100% cookieless, adaptées à la nouvelle ère du marketing digital. Rank:480,437 Worth:$3,700

Hive's APIs enable developers to integrate pre-trained AI models that address technically challenging content understanding needs into their applications. Rank:68,780 Worth:$91,000

Artificial Intelligence powered ad creative and banner generator for better conversion rates. Rank:87,329 Worth:$72,000 DA:37

Library for deep learning on graphs Rank:1,407,250 Worth:$220

Boost your enterprise data security with an All-in-One SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise for Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce. Rank:1,709,245 Worth:$180

Power-efficient analog compute for edge AI - Mythic Rank:108,167 Worth:$48,000

Create content 5x faster with artificial intelligence. Jasper is the highest quality AI copywriting tool with over 3,000 5-star reviews. Best for writing blog posts, social media content, and marketing copy. Rank:842,166 Worth:$850

AI powered supply chain risk management. The Interos Platform discovers, visualizes and assesses your supply chain. Rank:4,961,126 Worth:$15

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence - GPAI Rank:392,682 Worth:$9,700

Paro empowers businesses & finance professionals to pursue meaningful work & achieve success, harnessing the power of people and technology. Rank:69,623 Worth:$90,000 DA:45

Podcastle is the simplest way to create professional-quality podcasts. Record, edit, transcribe, and export your content with the power of AI, in an intuitive web-based platform. Rank:517,705 Worth:$1,400

Simple. Accurate. Predictive. Wonderflow AI-based analytics platform enables brands to make winning decisions listening to the actual Voice of the Customer. Rank:1,438,783 Worth:$210

A Contact Center Automation platform to resolve customer service conversations across voice, text and chat. Rank:1,271 Worth:$5,400,000 DA:49

Get the latest information regarding insurance, healthcare, attorney, medical, lawsuits, and, many more...

Monitor your child's online activity with and keep them safe from online threats with, the best parental control software which you can trust. Rank:1,759,503 Worth:$170

Robusta is a Robotic Process Automation vendor, providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes Rank:24,313 Worth:$260,000 DA:33

Generate high-quality voices by synthesizing your text with Uberduck's realistic voices or your own custom voices. Rank:5,601,695 Worth:$14

Smartcat combines a simple UI, high-quality AI translation, and smart linguist sourcing in the largest industry Marketplace to make any business multilingual. Rank:5,148,468 Worth:$15

BenevolentAI (AMS: BAI) is a leading, clinical-stage AI-enabled drug discovery and development company. Visit our website to learn about our drug discovery platform and pipeline, which spans from target identification through to clinical trials.

Miko 3 is an advanced AI robot Product made to engage, educate and entertain kids. Miko 3 robot is a programmable and voice activated STEM Product to make kids smarter

Rewind captures everything you’ve seen on your Mac and iPhone and makes it searchable with AI. Rank:482,401 Worth:$3,600

CatBoost is an open-source gradient boosting on decision trees library with categorical features support out of the box, successor of the MatrixNet algorithm developed by Yandex.

We pair clinicians with advanced AI to provide data-driven, personalized care around the clock. Chat with your medical team today. Rank:2,590,935 Worth:$120

Impervious API: Request Early Access to the Impervious Browser Rank:521,654 Worth:$1,400

Still struggling with real data? Synthetic data is more accessible than real data, more flexible than real data, and simply...smarter.

Shorten, create and share trusted, powerful links for your business. Try for free. Rank:216,990 Worth:$18,000

Generate and cluster keywords, map search intent and produce detailed, AI-driven content briefs effortlessly and at scale. Sign up today for only $1. Rank:1,320,770 Worth:$230

Everstream sets the world's supply chain standard, using predictive analytics, human insights, and eyes everywhere to make supply chains smarter. Rank:1,553,665 Worth:$200

Quantified's sales training software uses AI simulations to role-play and coach reps, so they can sell more and sell faster.

Bertha AI is you go to AI Co PIlot in WordPress and Chrome.

REVEAL THE INVISIBLE with the world's most advanced neuromorphic vision system, inspired by human vision and built on the foundation of neuromorphic engineering. PROPHESEE gives Metavision to machines, revealing what was previously invisible to them. Rank:321,788 Worth:$12,000

The platform to train, deploy and build AI with PyTorch, Lightning fast. Creators of PyTorch Lightning. Rank:1,000,617 Worth:$310

We help financial professionals access better ways of working by identifying, surfacing, and analyzing risk across broad financial datasets. Rank:538,297 Worth:$1,300

An AV leader since 2007, Torc is commercializing autonomous, self-driving trucks for safe, sustained innovation in the trucking industry. Rank:1,101,703 Worth:$280

JAAS - Juju as a Service | Juju Rank:330,729 Worth:$12,000 | 522: Connection timed out Rank:3,777,592 Worth:$20

Cardify tracks the impact of COVID-19 on consumer spending across the US. Rank:599,861 Worth:$1,200

Deep Universal Probabilistic Programming Rank:431,115 Worth:$4,100

pymetrics' gamified skills assessments leverage behavioral science and AI technology to help companies build diverse and innovative teams.

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