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Facebook Apps are software built to extend the functionality of Facebook. They use APIs (Application Programming Interface) provided by Facebook to interact with the Facebook social networking platform. Based on this platform, Facebook Apps can interact with users, groups, and fanpages by posting, commenting, scoring, meeting, purchasing...

Each Facebook App has an ID which is a string of numbers provided by Facebook. Each Facebook App can be used for many different websites / software. And we rely on this to find out which websites use the same Facebook App ID.

Websites that share the same Facebook App ID may be related to each other, may have the same owner, or at least they may use the same component.

Just type a domain name or Adsense ID and click the "Go" button. The system will automatically search for websites that share the same Facebook App ID at your request.

Our system is always searching, updating and adding websites as well as Facebook App ID codes. However, the update time may not be instantaneous. Great that you can update yourself by clicking the "Update" button on every web page you find on

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