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271 websites Rank:794,171 Worth:$900

Local ethical retailer specialising in food and funeralcare from West Yorkshire down to East Anglia.

Join the cooperative movements and be part of our work to advance the shared interests of the cooperative community. Become a member today! Rank:1,628,586 Worth:$190

Working Together. Building Community. NCB offers banking solutions for businesses and consumers who want to make an impact in communities. Your Choices Reflect Your Values. Your Bank Should Too.

A l'école en calèche?! Cela semble un peu fou, et pourtant ça marche! C'est quoi l'Hyppopédubus? « – Tu vois Papa, ce qui serait bien,ce serait de résoudre plusieurs problèmes d’un seul coup : – lutter contre le réchauffement climatique,– améliorer la qualité de l’air,– avoir moins de bouchons et de bruits de moteurs à Bruxelles,– réintroduire de la nature… Rank:368,193 Worth:$10,000

PEC is proud to provide safe, reliable, low-cost electric service to the Texas Hill Country as the nation's largest distribution cooperative. Rank:1,003,313 Worth:$300

Your Co-op, Owned by our members, Owned by you Rank:3,226,653 Worth:$24

RChain is a layer 1 blockchain platform designed from the ground up to support decentralization, on chain data and the scaling needs of Web3. Rank:3,206,028 Worth:$24

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives – Work it. Own It. Rank:852,881 Worth:$840

The BC Libraries Co-op offers its member organizations a suite of tech-related services backed up by great support. With members across Canada, the Co-op helps libraries of all shapes and sizes do great things in their communities. Rank:125,156 Worth:$41,000

生活クラブは国産素材中心の安心食材や生活用品をお届けする生協です。食品添加物や農薬使用に厳しい基準を設けています。生鮮食品やミールキットの食材宅配と、環境や子育て・福祉など、くらしを豊かにする取り組みをすすめています。 Rank:3,700,109 Worth:$21

GEO Home | Grassroots Economic Organizing Rank:2,936,226 Worth:$100

Découvrez le site de la Confédération générale des Scop, et comment les Unions régionales aident et accompagnent les Scop au quotidien. Rank:279,492 Worth:$14,000

Abacus Cooperativa tienda online de productos y servicios culturales y educativos para el entorno familiar y la sociedad en general. Rank:801,062 Worth:$890

Location de voitures partagées Citiz : le premier réseau coopératif d'autopartage. Nos voitures sont en libre-service 24h/24 dans plus de quatre-vingt villes en France ! Rank:3,087,202 Worth:$25

A hub that helps you start, grow, or convert to platform co-ops. Rank:1,329,326 Worth:$230

The co-op and sustainable vacation rental platform that gives back 50% of its revenues to support a local community project of your choice. Rank:377,084 Worth:$10,000

全国の生協(コープ/CO・OP)の宅配やお店、生協の加入方法などを紹介する公式サイトです。コープ商品、コープ共済、生協の環境の取り組みなどのご案内も。日本生協連は、生協の全国連合会です。 Rank:315,974 Worth:$12,000

A Som Energia estem construint un model energètic renovable en mans de la ciutadania des de la participació i la transparència. T'apuntes? Rank:1,485,843 Worth:$210

Office Central de la Coopération à l'École | Rank:1,032,031 Worth:$300

Join the cooperative movements and be part of our work to advance the shared interests of the cooperative community. Become a member today! Rank:1,639,709 Worth:$190

STRIKE! Magazine is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies and creative exspressions surrounding these movements. Rank:1,231,429 Worth:$250

Co-op News - Connecting, championing and challenging co-operatives - Co-operative News Rank:1,017,451 Worth:$300

The network for Britain's thousands of co-operatives, working to promote, develop and unite member-owned businesses. Rank:584,204 Worth:$1,200

Learn about America's electric cooperatives, their trade association NRECA, and how the cooperative business model creates community-focused organizations. Rank:600,209 Worth:$1,200

We offer a wide range of fair trade & organic coffee, chocolate, tea, cocoa and snacks direct from small-scale farmers and direct to your door. Rank:1,139,620 Worth:$270

About the Co-op, annual reports, board members, ethics and values. Rank:3,414,126 Worth:$23 -- The ethical URL shortener. Rank:540,420 Worth:$1,300

Cabot Creamery, owned & operated by real farmers, has been making award-winning cheese & other dairy products since 1919 with love, pride and purpose. Rank:389,462 Worth:$9,800

Founded in 1988, Organic Valley is a cooperative of farmers producing award-winning organic milk, cheese, butter, produce, healthy snacks & more. Rank:632,046 Worth:$1,100

A Fediverse instance for people interested in cooperative and collective projects. If you are interested in joining our community, please apply at Rank:601,489 Worth:$1,200

Created in 1895, the International Cooperative Alliance is the independent association that unites, represents and serves cooperatives worldwide Rank:2,066,990 Worth:$150

Des appareils plus éthiques et durables. La coopérative Commown propose de faire durer le matériel informatique grâce à la location longue durée. Rank:2,443,006 Worth:$120

Sollio Groupe Coopératif, auparavant La Coop fédérée, est aujourd’hui la plus importante coopérative du secteur agricole au Canada dont les racines sont ancrées au Québec. Rank:895,198 Worth:$800

At Freedom Credit Union, our idea of freedom is supporting yours,with products, programs and perks that benefit you. Rank:2,137,748 Worth:$140

Som una cooperativa d'advocats i advocades que ens dediquem a l'assessoria jurídica, laboral, fiscal, econòmica i social i que entenem el dret com un exercic... Rank:6,585,114 Worth:$12

Welcome to The Open Co-op. We are a collaborative collective of coders, commoners, architects, engineers, ecologists and systems changers.

Wedge Lyndale: your bustling, vibrant urban market. Linden Hills Co-op: your friendly neighborhood store. Wedge Table: your community hub, market & cafe. Rank:2,233,488 Worth:$140

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, Inc. (PVREA) is a distribution cooperative owned by the members it serves. PVREA was founded in 1939 by its members to provide reliable electricity in Northern Colorado. Today, PVREA covers 2,000 square miles of service territory in Larimer, Weld, and Boulder counties and over 4,000 miles of overhead, underground and transmission line combined, serving over 48,000 homes and businesses. Rank:3,083,911 Worth:$25

Cornerstone protects and supports credit unions, providing enhanced products and services, development opportunities and advocacy. Rank:368,217 Worth:$10,000

ƒR[ƒv‚̑g‡ˆõ‚ɂ¨“͂¯‚³‚ê‚éu‚­‚炵‚Ɛ¶‹¦ƒJƒ^ƒƒOv‚̒ʔ̃TƒCƒg‚ł·Bƒtƒ@ƒbƒVƒ‡ƒ“AƒCƒ“ƒeƒŠƒAEŽG‰݁AƒLƒbƒ`ƒ“E¶ŠˆŽG‰݁E‰ƓdA‚±‚ǂà‚ƐԂ¿‚á‚ñA‰ƋïEŽû”[—p•iEQ‹ïAŽE”ü—eEŒ’N‚ȂǕL‚¢ƒWƒƒƒ“ƒ‹‚̏¤•i‚????pˆӂµ‚Ă¢‚܂·BƒAƒEƒgƒŒƒbƒgŠé‰æ‚???‚è‚܂·I Rank:545,010 Worth:$1,300

Notre banque coopérative, belge, éthique et durable Rank:4,630,014 Worth:$16

The Moscow Food Co-op is a locally-owned grocery store featuring produce, groceries, and personal self care items from local food and goods producers in the Pacific Northwest. We give back to our community by donating to local organizations and offering education like classes about cooking, saving money while shopping for organic produce, and many more! Full scratch bakery, deli and coffee bar. Rank:6,161,361 Worth:$13

The Co-op Funeral Home in Seattle, WA provides affordable funerals, caskets, cremation, urns & more to Seattle & the surrounding areas. Rank:3,737,553 Worth:$20

We provide resources and technical assistance to limited-resource black farmers and landowners. We help build cooperatives in rural communities. Rank:1,477,693 Worth:$210

Just Coffee Co-op is a worker-owned coffee roaster dedicated to creating and expanding trade based on transparency, human dignity and sustainability. Rank:2,534,489 Worth:$120

Nous bâtissons une économie sociale, responsable et durable pour les organismes communautaires, les coopératives et les OBNL. Faites partie du mouvement. Rank:3,683,932 Worth:$21

GO LOCAL is a network of locally-owned businesses, non-profits and government agencies in Sonoma County, CA. Focusing on economic development marketing, GO LOCAL works to shift more market share to LOCAL for a stronger local economy and community. Rank:4,821,356 Worth:$16

Organización de Comercio Justo cuya misión es transformar el entorno económico y social para construir un mundo más justo y sostenible. Rank:1,952,401 Worth:$160

St. Paul's community-owned natural foods grocery store. Organic and local produce, sustainable meats and seafood, wellness products, and made-from-scratch deli and bakery foods. Rank:2,011,985 Worth:$150

Honest Weight Food Co-op is Albany's Homegrown Grocery Store for Natural, Organic and Local Food, open to the public seven days a week Rank:3,588,358 Worth:$21

Illinois Country Living Magazine – A publication of the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative is one of the largest electric cooperatives in Texas and has been serving its members since 1939. Bluebonnet serves more than 119,000 meters, and owns and maintains more than 12,000 miles of power lines located across more than 3,800 square miles within 14 Central Texas counties. Bluebonnet’s service area stretches from Travis County to Washington County, and from Milam County to Gonzales County. Rank:1,154,542 Worth:$260

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative is one of the largest electric cooperatives in Texas and has been serving its members since 1939. Bluebonnet serves more than 119,000 meters, and owns and maintains more than 12,000 miles of power lines located across more than 3,800 square miles within 14 Central Texas counties. Bluebonnet’s service area stretches from Travis County to Washington County, and from Milam County to Gonzales County. ist die Mastodon-Instanz für Mitglieder der Hostsharing eG. Sie wird seit 2018 von der Hosting-Genossenschaft betrieben. Rank:2,141,700 Worth:$140

We are a worker-owned tech cooperative building websites and other online tools using free software. Rank:6,108,049 Worth:$13 – Numeri, dati e tendenze dell'Italia che cambia Rank:2,811,618 Worth:$110

Welcome to Citizens! We are a regional full service communications provider offering land-line telephone, VoIP, IPTV Video, web and e-mail hosting, DSL, and FTTP (Fiber to the Premise: Business Ethernet and FTTH, Fiber to the Home), serving 7 counties in Southwest Virginia. Rank:2,445,478 Worth:$120

Milwaukee’s coop-owned natural food and organic grocery store, featuring quality organics, and vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other specialty diet foods. Rank:7,824,945 Worth:$10

Created and owned by America’s electric cooperative network, CFC—a nonprofit finance cooperative with more than $30 billion in assets—provides unparalleled industry expertise, flexibility and responsiveness to serve the needs of nearly 1,000 member-owners across 48 states. Rank:1,048,693 Worth:$290

The League serves Wisconsin's credit unions & members by promoting the credit union difference through advocacy, education, & public service.

La, fabrique collaborative de services numériques pour l'intérêt général - Co-conception de services numériques, Mobilisation des données numériques, Tiers-lieu et innovation ouverte Rank:544,911 Worth:$1,300

Share in the benefits of membership in Australasia's largest automotive cooperative. Rank:3,344,790 Worth:$23

Whole Foods Co•op | Your Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, MN Rank:1,460,027 Worth:$210

Discover a community-owned co-op that provides fresh, local, organic, sustainable food and products of the highest quality, at Lakewinds Food Co-op.

生活協同組合コープこうべが運営する公式サイト。安全・安心なコープ商品はもちろん、環境や福祉など多彩な事業や活動を行い、みんなで助けあい、支えあって誰もがいきいきと生活できる社会をめざしています。 Rank:5,862,821 Worth:$13

Voted Bellingham's best grocery store. Shop organic, local, & natural groceries or grab to-go meals made in-house. Everyone can shop & anyone can join! Rank:2,462,403 Worth:$120

Firestorm is a radical bookstore co-operative & community event space in Asheville, NC. Browse staff picks, bestsellers, and more! Rank:505,296 Worth:$1,400

At CoastHills Credit Union, we serve the Central Coast of California with affordable car loans, home loans, business loans, and interest-earning checking accounts. Rank:8,138,496 Worth:$10

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