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SourceBans++ Rank:136,956 Worth:$38,000

Warp: The terminal for the 21st century

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Minecraft Bedrock Documentation

Blog o WordPress | Znów kolejna witryna oparta na WordPressie Rank:422,258 Worth:$4,200

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Lens IDE for Kubernetes. The only system you’ll ever need to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. It's open source and free. Download it today! Rank:57,555 Worth:$110,000 DA:37

A rugged, minimal framework for composing behavior directly in your markup. Rank:138,592 Worth:$37,000

A series examining modern CSS solutions to problems Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph), a seasoned frontend developer, has been solving for 14+ years. Rank:605,730 Worth:$1,200

A quick and easy to use drag and drop retro game creator for your favourite handheld video game system. Rank:172,370 Worth:$30,000

Access data, organize it, and deliver it to every tool so developers can build powerful, fast, and consistent data applications. Rank:434,196 Worth:$4,100 » Strona główna Rank:2,309,312 Worth:$130

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Introduction Hello, I’m Zia Ahmed Development and Design Done Right Here, Converts Dream into Reality. Let’s Have Discussion Introduction Featured Works I have collaborated with great people to create awesome product that actually works. Swipfy Android Application This was designed and developed for a national shopping brand with tinder like swipe feature. Sticker's App Android – Deals for software engineers and developers Rank:13,104 Worth:$480,000 DA:23

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Develop on our Ethereum-compatible network with increased scaling and lower transactions costs. Rank:297,447 Worth:$13,000

Free, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging.

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International Open Standard (ISO/IEC 5962:2021) - Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) Rank:3,550,145 Worth:$22

Presented by Equinix, is a place for stories about the people and technologies behind the internet. Rank:169,153 Worth:$30,000

Learn Computer Science - Rank:116,281 Worth:$44,000

Improve how you architect webapps is a free book on design patterns and component patterns for building powerful web apps with... Rank:279,844 Worth:$14,000

everything on curl development Rank:64,972 Worth:$96,000 DA:41

Cross-browser end-to-end testing for modern web apps Rank:262,207 Worth:$15,000

Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android. It is developed by the Java Core Libraries Team at Google. Rank:143,709 Worth:$36,000

Build status npm puppeteer package Rank:1,080,024 Worth:$280

Ccache — Compiler cache Rank:867,006 Worth:$820

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Search millions of open source JavaScript packages on Skypack. Free to use. Rank:104,579 Worth:$49,000

Peer-reviewed webdev articles and tutorials Rank:1,180,848 Worth:$260

Using the power of Google, Stadia’s cloud-native platform gives developers a seamless path to players across connected devices, including TVs, phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Rank:828,594 Worth:$860

WP Davies Offer All The Resources You Need To Effortlessly Run A Profitable Woocommerce Store. Rank:502,587 Worth:$1,400

The OpenInfra Foundation is an open source foundation supporting a global community of 110,000 individuals to build and operate open infrastructure software. Rank:144,184 Worth:$36,000

Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire.

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TK Lab – AI/大數據/STEM教育 Rank:29,813 Worth:$210,000 DA:43

Welcome to Node.js! Rank:219,636 Worth:$17,000

Build powerful, scalable applications, with minimal overhead and full out-of-the-box functionality - your code, your way. Originally developed to handle Walmart’s Black Friday scale, hapi continues to be the proven choice for enterprise-grade backend needs. Rank:349,962 Worth:$11,000

Fuchsia is a new open source operating system. Rank:1,256,543 Worth:$240

Build tamper-evident services with Trillian and cryptographically prove that the data hasn’t been unexpectedly changed. Rank:33,759 Worth:$190,000

Developer-oriented, front-end framework with VueJS components for best-in-class high-performance, responsive websites, PWA, SSR, Mobile and Desktop apps, all from the same codebase. Sensible people choose Vue. Productive people choose Quasar. Be both. Rank:15,196 Worth:$410,000 DA:46

Zennはエンジニアが技術・開発についての知見をシェアする場所です。本の販売や、読者からのバッジの受付により対価を受け取ることができます。 Rank:15,304 Worth:$410,000 DA:44

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QWERTY.DEV | Unicode tools to help you stand out online.

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