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232 websites Rank:89,005 Worth:$70,000 DA:52

Cheaper and faster than Uniswap? Discover PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) with the best farms in DeFi and a lottery for CAKE. Rank:6,243,273 Worth:$13

Ariva.Finance | Accept Crypto Payment For Your Business Rank:1,727,012 Worth:$180

Full Cross-Chain Aggregator Enabling Smart Routing Rank:563,008 Worth:$1,300

B2 is a Binance Application Sidechain built to facilitate Antimatter's structure products and derivatives. Nonfungible Finance, Structured (Dual Investment, Sharkfin…), DAO and Quanto make up Antimatter's ecosystem.

In the spirit of YFI: No pre-mine, no founder shares, no VC interest Rank:4,497,484 Worth:$17

Pandora Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that leverages existing blockchain infrastructure and Web3 Space to seamlessly induce liquidity to the multi-asset classes.

Glitter is a brand changing innovator bridge that brings the everyday user into the crypto world seamlessly.

Trade crypto without gas, front-running & MEV. L1 chain powered by Substrate. Start trading with Mangata X. Rank:8,349,536 Worth:$10

Mercor | Decentralized Crypto Bot Marketplace Rank:846,626 Worth:$840

ApolloX Finance is a decentralized crypto derivatives trading platform. Different with common Automated Market Makers model (AMM), ApolloX Finance adopts the order book model, which supports futures trading. By using off-chain order books and on-chain settlement, its protocol aims to create an efficient, fair and trustless financial market that is not controlled by any centralized organization. Rank:6,613,141 Worth:$11

바이파이 - 멀티체인 DeFi 플랫폼 - BiFi Rank:1,806,651 Worth:$170

Cats are here to take over. No matter how big the fish. Rank:9,845,214 Worth:$10

Mind Music harnesses the power of music to capture the imagination of the world. Rank:1,312,696 Worth:$230

Pendle is a yield-trading protocol, enabling you to purchase asset at a discount or gain leveraged yield exposure without liquidation risk. Rank:4,007,879 Worth:$19

French Connection Finance $FCF is a utility-first crypto project, sharing its revenue with holders. We are bridging the gap between crypto and the public and proud award winner of ‘Most innovative project of 2022’. Rank:6,341,696 Worth:$12

With OSOM crypto wealth manager easily invest in a diversified portfolio of crypto assets. Management is fully automatic and AI-driven. Relax and let it work! Rank:9,463,441 Worth:$10

TosDis is a new-generation p2p lending platform that runs on Ethereum-based Smart Contracts to create a safe and efficient environment where borrowers Rank:906,949 Worth:$790

We bring DeFi to Bitcoin. Arkadiko is an open source protocol that mints a stablecoin which generates a yield in bitcoin. Rank:7,654,037 Worth:$10

Tempus is a decentralized community of Builders, Creators and Connectors collaborating to deliver rockstar products. Join us and shape the future! Rank:9,955,295 Worth:$10

A fully-backed, trust-minimized & community-owned stablecoin for web3 by the Empty Set DAO Rank:1,107,794 Worth:$280

Slope | The easiest way to discover web3 applications from one secure place.

Kishu Inu ($KISHU) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards for holders. Rank:671,056 Worth:$1,100

White label core payments platform to build your fintech product on top | | Core banking software Rank:985,151 Worth:$720

ZooKeeper delivers a new and exciting dual farming experience, enabling the user to enjoy higher crypto rewards while making use of NFTs

A protocol for creating Options and Stablecoins out of ETH Rank:2,201,947 Worth:$140

NAOS Finance | RWA lending through DeFi Rank:2,230,204 Worth:$140

Saddle is an automated market maker optimized for trading between pegged value crypto assets. Rank:1,821,170 Worth:$170

Hifi is a fixed-rate, fixed-term lending protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Rank:4,743,394 Worth:$16

APY.Finance finds the best, risk-adjusted yield for traders by fully automating crypto yield strategies. Traders can easily access the latest, most innovative crypto markets with just a few clicks. APY.Finance makes it easy for individual traders to maximize their opportunities within sophisticated crypto markets. Rank:391,706 Worth:$9,800

☝Сервіс порівняння та онлайн оформлення страхових продуктів: ✅Автоцивілка ✅Тур (мед.) страховка ✅Зелена картка онлайн ✅Страхування житла ✅КАСКО Rank:5,362,046 Worth:$14

H-Tokens-连接中心化市场和DeFi市场的桥梁 Rank:7,396,130 Worth:$10

Bunicorn is an intense GameFi platform that elevates DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level. Rank:2,338,242 Worth:$130

The protocol for real-time finance on the Ethereum blockchain Rank:787,106 Worth:$910

Revolutionizing debt capital markets. A paradigm shift in how institutions borrow uncollateralized liquidity is upon us Rank:363,102 Worth:$11,000 | Multichain Stablecoin | 15 chains and counting Rank:145,018 Worth:$36,000

The Web3 way to buy, sell, and swap over 40k cryptocurrencies at the best prices, with 0% swap fees. Rank:10,059,776 Worth:$10

Minting and distributing NFTs made easy. Rank:1,109,033 Worth:$280

Platypus invents a whole new AMM on Avalanche - Open liquidity single-sided AMM managing risk autonomously based on the coverage ratio, allowing maximal capital efficiency. Rank:2,367,082 Worth:$130

UNLIMITED ACCESS TO GLOBAL MARKETS DEUS Finance Evolution is a marketplace of decentralized financial services, where we provide the infrastructure for others to build financial instruments, such as synthetic stock trading platforms, options, and futures trading. Rank:3,387,907 Worth:$23

Innovative, open-source DeFi solutions for the global crypto community. Rank:2,249,322 Worth:$140

Equalizer Finance is the first dedicated flash loans platform for DeFi markets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Optimism.Yield Farming and Arbitrage opportunities Rank:805,785 Worth:$880

Trade crypto options on Lyra’s decentralized exchange. Rank:703,882 Worth:$1,000

Decentralized options protocol revolutionizing market-driven pricing and capital efficient returns for all Rank:2,770,485 Worth:$110

Popsicle finance is a next Generation cross-chain yield enhancement platform for LPs

惠泽天下(惠泽论坛,网站免费提供香港马会资料大全,香港马会开奖结果,香港挂牌,心水图库,开奖记录,手机开奖报碼,专业提供香港彩票最新资讯的网站。 Rank:615,673 Worth:$1,200

Atom Finance’s mission is to empower people to make informed investing decisions with best in class software and data. Rank:6,752,981 Worth:$11

A synthetic asset protocol that allows traditional assets to migrate to high-growth crypto-assets. Rank:949,694 Worth:$750

Gilded helps finance and ops teams deliver a reliable, repeatable crypto operations strategy. Rank:2,979,505 Worth:$100

Babel Finance is the world's leading comprehensive crypto financial service provider, providing professional crypto asset financial services for high net worth individual investors and institutional investors, including crypto asset deposits and loans, asset management, brokerage trading, and derivatives strategies, Mining pools, mining farms, and mining financial services. It is one of the world's large-scale crypto financial service providers that can provide comprehensive financial services. Investors include Dragonfly Capital, NGC, Parallel Ventures, etc. Rank:7,488,510 Worth:$10

Your one-stop crypto lifestyle app with LaunchPad, DeFi and Play-To-Earn Games. Trusted by over 500K users worldwide. Rank:889,778 Worth:$800

deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol that allows decentralized transfer of data and assets between various blockchains. Rank:2,405,914 Worth:$130

Glitch Finance – Custom #Defi Blockchain. Rank:336,787 Worth:$11,000

A suite of financial tools to make your life easier - crypto organizations & freelancers use Request for invoices, expenses, payroll and accounting. Rank:3,067,370 Worth:$25

We provide real world borrowers access to low interest and swift financing to free up critical working capital, tapped from crypto lenders. Rank:612,517 Worth:$1,200

Earn fixed income on your crypto or borrow at fixed rates for up to one year with Notional - DeFi's top fixed rate protocol. Rank:1,653,971 Worth:$180

Phuture is a decentralised crypto index provider for investors to get passive exposure to crypto. Rank:2,583,145 Worth:$120

Coin Post — медиаресурс про деньги, инвестиции, биткоин, экономику, фондовый рынок, акции. У нас вы узнаете новости криптовалют, финансов, денег и технологий. Rank:188,289 Worth:$27,000

We make decentralized finance interoperable. Building cross-chain infrastructure via ElkNet: crypto bridging solutions, Bridging-as-a-Service, multi-chain yield farming, and more. Rank:4,086,301 Worth:$19

A comprehensive platform for all-things DeFi in the Polkadot ecosystem Rank:912,732 Worth:$780

PaintSwap is the ultimate open decentralized NFT Marketplace to buy and sell NFTs utilising the latest NFT technology. Rank:3,754,296 Worth:$20

Social DeFi platform for yield farming. Just copy - with one click, professional strategies of yield farmers.

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