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142 websites Rank:385,404 Worth:$9,900

Lands Department | 地政總署 Rank:1,726,730 Worth:$180

Census and Statistics Department 政府統計處 Rank:386,838 Worth:$9,900

行政長官 Chief Executive Rank:229,188 Worth:$17,000

找不到網頁 找不到网页 Page Not Found Rank:224,484 Worth:$17,000

Rating and Valuation Department Rank:467,612 Worth:$3,800

Civil Engineering and Development Department Rank:219,358 Worth:$17,000

HKSAR - Buildings Department | 香港特別行政區政府 - 屋宇署 Rank:957,519 Worth:$740

財政司司長 | Financial Secretary | 财政司司长 Rank:78,313 Worth:$80,000

找不到網頁 找不到网页 Page Not Found Rank:1,736,358 Worth:$180

Tourism Commission, Hong Kong SAR - In order to maintain Hong Kong's position as the top destination city for visitors in Asia, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region established the Tourism Commission in May 1999. Our job is to enhance our tourism facilities and support the development of new attractions and events so that Hong Kong remains a premier tourist destination Rank:1,020,042 Worth:$300

Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau (CMAB) - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China |中華人民共和國香港特別行政區政府 - 政制及內地事務局 Rank:1,161,848 Worth:$260

2023-24年度財政預算案 The 2023 - 24 Budget Rank:534,774 Worth:$1,300

Department of Justice - Home Rank:170,207 Worth:$30,000

Department of Health Rank:196,109 Worth:$26,000

Government Logistics Department, Logistics, 物流 Rank:303,457 Worth:$13,000

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department | 機電工程署 Rank:119,025 Worth:$43,000

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 食物環境衞生署 Rank:102,335 Worth:$50,000

Social Welfare Department 社 會 福 利 署 Rank:16,826 Worth:$370,000 DA:51

2019冠狀病毒病疫苗接種計劃 COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Rank:114,234 Worth:$45,000

Trade and Industry Department | 工業貿易署 Rank:293,298 Worth:$13,000

InvestHK’s vision is to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as the leading international business location in Asia. Rank:283,557 Worth:$13,000

This is a page about general descriptions of the website of Customs and Excise Department | 香港海關的網頁主頁 | 香港海关的网页主页 Rank:346,584 Worth:$11,000

政府新聞處 | Information Services Department Rank:154,079 Worth:$33,000

香港特別行政區政府知識產權署 Intellectual Property Department Rank:119,916 Worth:$43,000

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 食物環境衞生署 Rank:79,320 Worth:$79,000

Hong Kong Police Force | Hong Kong Police Force Rank:116,562 Worth:$44,000

Office of the Communications Authority Rank:60,033 Worth:$100,000

香港公共圖書館為公眾人士提供免費的圖書館設施,推廣文學活動和研究,及舉辦文化活動。含圖書館地址及開放時間、活動及節目預告、館藏目錄、電子資源等。 Rank:37,708 Worth:$170,000

Companies Registry 公司註冊處 Rank:43,411 Worth:$140,000

Transport Department - Home Rank:270,658 Worth:$14,000

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Rank:20,991 Worth:$300,000 DA:62

Centre for Health Protection Rank:38,526 Worth:$160,000 DA:68

Leisure and Cultural Services Department, 康樂及文化事務署, 康乐及文化事务署 Rank:100,193 Worth:$51,000 DA:61 香港政府新聞網 Rank:10,042 Worth:$620,000 DA:75

GovHK - one-stop portal of the Hong Kong SAR Government / 香港政府一站通 Rank:428,797 Worth:$4,100 DA:57

社創基金最新消息 Rank:398,206 Worth:$9,600

Health Care Voucher - Index Rank:2,406,278 Worth:$130

香港濕地公園是一個集自然護理、教育及旅遊用途於一身的世界級景點,展示了香港濕地生態系統的多樣化,突顯保護它們的重要性。 Rank:564,549 Worth:$1,300

找不到網頁 找不到网页 Page Not Found Rank:843,868 Worth:$840

HKeMobility website provides one-stop service of point to point public transport, driving and walking route enquiry, real-time traffic condition and parking information for pre-trip planning. Rank:212,257 Worth:$18,000

「資料一線通」由政府資訊科技總監辦公室統籌,並與各部門及公營/私營機構共同推行,免費發放各種公共資料,供市民大眾遵照「資料一線通」及有關網站的使用條款及條件作商業及非商業再用。 Rank:1,103,013 Worth:$280

Antiquities and Monuments Office Rank:72,587 Worth:$86,000 DA:43

Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency 在職家庭及學生資助事務處

Office of the Communications Authority 通訊管理局 Rank:2,071,928 Worth:$150

Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Rank:405,438 Worth:$4,300

What makes Hong Kong a dynamic centre for successful businesses? Location, the rule of law, professional services and a thriving start-up ecosystem. Rank:182,491 Worth:$28,000

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China | 中華人民共和國香港特別行政區政府 - 政府資訊科技總監辦公室

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