Websites with the .GOV.JM extension

30 websites Rank:3,812,352 Worth:$20

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Foreign Trade Rank:1,700,905 Worth:$180

Ministry of Finance & Public Service – Development Through Excellent Service Rank:12,254,094 Worth:$10

Public Accountancy Board Rank:1,067,667 Worth:$290 provides SSL/TLS & digital certificates to secure and encrypt data with our 4096-bit SSL/TLS Certificates, trusted by all popular browsers. Rank:1,135,287 Worth:$270

Jamaica Customs Agency Website | Country Above Self Rank:414,998 Worth:$4,200

Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency Rank:1,201,753 Worth:$260

Ministry of Labour and Social Security – Government Rank:1,198,501 Worth:$260

Office of the Prime Minister – Office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica Rank:1,982,072 Worth:$160

The National Library of Jamaica – Explore. Discover. Connect. Rank:636,731 Worth:$1,100

Ministry of Justice - Government of Jamaica Rank:363,943 Worth:$11,000

Ministry of Health & Wellness, Jamaica Rank:237,281 Worth:$16,000

Jamaica Information Service – The Voice of Jamaica Rank:7,390,615 Worth:$10 is Jamaica’s portal to all government services and information online Rank:564,151 Worth:$1,300

Welcome to Jamaica Constabulary Force, AFORCE4GOOD. We are here to Serve Protect and Reassure the People of Jamaica without fear nor ill will Rank:926,315 Worth:$770

The Early Childhood Commission – An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution Rank:217,093 Worth:$18,000

Office of the Services Commissions

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