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微生物発酵プロセスによりつくられるタンパク質素材「Brewed Protein™(ブリュード・プロテイン™)」の開発を通じて、サステナブルな社会の実現のために地球規模の課題に取り組む。 Rank:7,574,556 Worth:$10

GuRu Wireless - Delivering an ecosystem of wireless power. GuRu delivers the future of wireless power safely, effectively, and now.

bigは、ファッションに対して新鮮な想像を持つデザイナーへ向けた、グローバルにファッションを展開していくためのアジアを拠点とした国際的なコンペティションです。 Rank:840,727 Worth:$850

Visionalは、未来に生まれる様々な課題を、次々と新しい可能性(ビジョン)変え、グループとして、事業成長や事業創造のスピードを加速し、働き方や産業の未来を支えてまいります。 Rank:477,496 Worth:$3,700 Official site Rank:319,604 Worth:$12,000

Sunscreen that takes leisure as seriously as it takes protection. Hawaii reef friendly, dermatologist approved, “world’s best-smelling scents” and more. Rank:92,407 Worth:$68,000

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied Rank:400,735 Worth:$4,400

Inspired by those living with mobility limitations, we provide innovative and life-changing solutions that empower you to be you. Rank:77,240 Worth:$81,000

A flexible and headless platform for modern e-commerce experiences Rank:2,169,225 Worth:$140

At GRAY® we have an iconic range of Luxury iPhone Cases, Luxury Tech Accessories, Designer & Luxury Apple Watch Cases, AirPods, Laptop Cases, Card Wallets, Crypto Hardware Wallets & Apple Watch Straps. Rank:51,749 Worth:$120,000 DA:1

Centralize your team's content in workspace that's organized, searchable, versioned, and easy to share. Your first 5GB are on us! Rank:678,861 Worth:$1,000

Earn up to 100% crypto cashback by shopping at your favorite stores and up to 15% APY staking rewards. Free, easy, and secure. Rank:326,239 Worth:$12,000

NEO is a group of fintech companies that provide capital markets infrastructure. Our competitive drive, innovation, and advocacy enable change for the better. Rank:135,106 Worth:$38,000

バリュエンスグループ公式サイト。バリュエンスグループの理念や企業情報、投資家情報、プレスリリース、サステナビリティ、採用情報などをご紹介します。 Rank:454,406 Worth:$3,900

Change Inc. is het platform voor duurzaam nieuws over verandering. Volg het nieuws uit het duurzame bedrijfsleven over energie, food en circulaire economie. Rank:28,290 Worth:$220,000 DA:1

Whether you are new to credit or rebuilding credit history, Self makes credit accessible. Reports to all three credit bureaus. No hard credit check to start!

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