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香港新極真會 致力發揚真正武道空手之精神,讓年青新一代有機會普及接觸極真空手道,培育堅強的意志、體魄和一顆正義之心。 Rank:1,217,541 Worth:$250

香港中華總商會 The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Rank:1,703,837 Worth:$180

聯合國兒童基金會致力為兒童工作。聯合國兒童基金會 UNICEF 透過各方面的工作,致力促進每一名兒童的權利和福祉。我們與合作伙伴在190個國家和地區工作,以實際行動兌現承諾,並特別關注和幫助最脆弱及被排斥的兒童,令所有兒童,不論身處何地,都能受惠。

Christian Philadelphia Church - 基督教非拉鐵非教會

YIFC Academy offers the best Tamil class, Tamil events and sports events in Hong Kong for Education and Enrichment. Register today to find out more in getting the best academy for your child. Rank:674,456 Worth:$1,100

香港藝術發展局是政府指定全方位發展香港藝術的法定機構。藝發局的角色包括資助、政策及策劃、倡議、推廣及發展、策劃活動等 Rank:4,000,760 Worth:$19

香港學生輔助會 Hong Kong Student Aid Society Rank:1,383,507 Worth:$220

全球每三個人之中就有一個貧窮。樂施會推動民眾力量,以消除貧窮。樂施會在世界各地以務實及創新的方法,協助貧窮人改善生活及持續發展。 Rank:346,065 Worth:$11,000

Pet adoption: adopt a homeless pet (dog or cat) or pets from animal shelters. SPCA has helped with millions pet adoptions since 1903. Rank:309,105 Worth:$12,000

The Hong Kong Management Association is a non-profit-making organisation which aims to be the leading professional organisation advancing management excellence in Hong Kong and the Region. Rank:1,412,983 Worth:$220

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Rank:169,175 Worth:$30,000

Welcome to Hong Kong's brand new museum of visual culture. Discover collections that are rooted in Asia but defined, developed, and examined from a global perspective.

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The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) is a charitable, non-profit and non-gover. The Society is committed to making world cinema accessible and affordable to the public. It organizes the annual flagship the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) and the Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) in March and April. Rank:3,361,189 Worth:$23

本地註冊慈善團體。透過教育、動員公眾,綠惜地球致力激發社會的綠色正能量、倡導珍惜資源、零浪費的文化及推動香港成為人人引以自豪的綠色城市。 Rank:1,202,805 Worth:$260

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Rank:601,291 Worth:$1,200

世界自然基金會香港分會 Rank:453,169 Worth:$3,900

Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong Rank:141,832 Worth:$36,000

消委會網站內容包括「消費全攻略」免費文章任您睇、「格價工具」免費「格」盡超市及油價、《選擇》月刊訂戶專享產品測試及服務調查報告之全文內容,以及嶄新「篩選比較」功能助您精明貨比貨。 Rank:194,700 Worth:$26,000

香港青年協會是香港最具規模的非牟利青年服務機構,以青年為本,為青少年提供專業而多元化的青年服務及青年活動,使青少年在德、智、體、群、美等各方面獲得均衡發展,為全港青年及家庭提供支援及有益身心的活動。 Rank:841,660 Worth:$850

仁愛堂為香港六大慈善機構之一,為市民提供社會福利、醫療、教育、就業培訓、康體、環保及社會企業等服務,服務單位遍佈港九新界,惠及社會上不同弱勢社群及有需要人士。 Rank:2,141,646 Worth:$140

HKAC is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally, bringing the most forward creations to Hong Kong and showcasing homegrown talents abroad. Rank:2,689,364 Worth:$110

Fostering and promoting Bitcoin and its technology in Hong Kong. Rank:7,595,460 Worth:$10

中國委托公証人協會有限公司 Rank:673,625 Worth:$1,100

主頁 - 救世軍 The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command Rank:1,994,621 Worth:$150

香港地球之友 Friends of the Earth (HK) Rank:593,473 Worth:$1,200

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) was established under the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance (URAO) in May 2001 to replace the Land Development Corporation as the statutory body to undertake, encourage, promote and facilitate the regeneration of the older urban areas of Hong Kong. Under the 2011 Urban Renewal Strategy, the URA adopts a 'people first, district-based, public participatory' approach in its core businesses, 'Redevelopment' and 'Rehabilitation'. Through urban renewal initiatives, the URA aims at creating high quality and vibrant urban living in Hong Kong. Rank:1,060,531 Worth:$290

一站式及多元靈活的復修資訊平台,為法團及業主提供全方位的有用資訊和技術支援,協助以順利推動樓宇復修。 Rank:556,769 Worth:$1,300


An independent non-profit that documents the multiple recent histories of art in Asia, with a valuable collection about art available from its website and onsite library. Rank:560,822 Worth:$1,300

香港社會服務聯會(簡稱社聯)是一個代表非政府社會福利服務機構的聯會組織,致力推動本港社會福利的發展。 Rank:3,269,620 Worth:$24

Sham Shui Po Community Association – 深水埗社區協會 - 一條心 為街坊 爭權益 永不忘 Rank:165,099 Worth:$31,000 DA:47

Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority - 積金局 Rank:1,842,530 Worth:$170

The FSDC was established in 2013 by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government as a high-level, cross-sectoral advisory body to engage the industry in formulating proposals to promote the further development of the financial services industry of Hong Kong and to map out the strategic direction for the development. Rank:236,983 Worth:$16,000

Insurance Authority

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