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Harvey Milk Foundation – Home of the Harvey Milk Foundation Rank:6,355,975 Worth:$12

Labor Network for Sustainability – Helping unions and their allies advance a climate action program that is ecologically sustainable and economically just. - Labor Network for Sustainability Rank:1,863,754 Worth:$160

We support the use of energy psychology, energy healing, and related methods to heal and transform whatever gets in the way of experiencing wholeness. Rank:2,257,238 Worth:$140

Baltimore Heritage is a nonprofit dedicated to saving historic buildings and revitalizing neighborhoods. We celebrate the city's stories history and culture through tours and education. Rank:2,345,102 Worth:$130

Pathways is a quarterly print and digital magazine whose non-profit mission is to support you and your family's quest for wellness. Rank:5,416,748 Worth:$14

Kyoto Journal is an award-winning quarterly English magazine founded in Kyoto, Japan, presenting cultural insights from all of Asia since 1987. Rank:1,861,975 Worth:$160

We are a nonprofit, non-partisan, citizen-run media organization. We report factual and timely news from around Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Rank:8,288,379 Worth:$10

Hospitals serve individuals AND communities. We measure their success at both Rank:8,013,057 Worth:$10

Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10 is a free, comprehensive beginner’s guide for the Ubuntu operating system. Rank:6,855,961 Worth:$11

Reframing ADHD: Discovering New Perspectives. Experts answer questions in videos Rank:863,025 Worth:$830

NYS Hemp Exchange and Growers News – Helping You Put Knowledge To Work Rank:9,473,396 Worth:$10

The Kitchen Sisters | The Keepers, Hidden Kitchens, The Hidden World of Girls, Lost & Found Sound Rank:6,453,014 Worth:$12

The Lesbian Herstory Archives exists to gather and preserve records of Lesbian lives and activities, providing access to materials relevant to their lives. Rank:193,189 Worth:$27,000

Alhabib Web Service: Coloring with Islam Rank:3,647,250 Worth:$21

Sentience Institute is a interdisciplinary think tank researching long-term social and technological change, particularly moral circle expansion. Rank:1,433,952 Worth:$210

Created in 1947, the IJA has grown to be a primary resource for jugglers around the globe. The IJA's mission is to render assistance to fellow jugglers. Rank:430,106 Worth:$4,100

RBMS - Rare Books & Manuscripts Section | ACRL, A Division of the American Library Association Rank:1,032,275 Worth:$300

Information about AI from the News, Publications, and ConferencesAutomatic Classification – Tagging and Summarization – Customizable Filtering and AnalysisIf you are looking for an answer to the question What is Artificial Intelligence? and you only have a minute, then here's the definition the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence offers on its home page: "the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines."However, if you are fortunate enough to have more than a minute, then please get ready to embark upon an exciting journey exploring AI (but beware, it could last a lifetime) … Rank:576,018 Worth:$1,200

Web magazine and pilot community for backcountry, bush, STOL, off-airport, and mountain flying. Rank:1,426,170 Worth:$210

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship (E.L.F.) is an international, not-for-profit organization devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien Rank:607,059 Worth:$1,200

Ground Zero is a syndicated radio program & podcast hosted by veteran radio-host Clyde Lewis. Tune in M-F at 7pm Pacific. Rank:1,439,610 Worth:$210

The Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, The Unicorn Theatre and The Fitzpatrick Main Stage in Stockbridge are part of the Berkshire Theatre Festival Rank:2,576,570 Worth:$120

Critical-Theory is the internet's largest source of radical philosophy news, information and humor. Rank:1,750,409 Worth:$180

We are Friends of the Columbia Gorge, the only non-profit organization dedicated entirely to ensuring that the beautiful and wild Columbia Gorge remains a place apart, an unspoiled treasure for generations to come. Rank:3,561,731 Worth:$22

Lightning in a Bottle is an independent California music festival that takes place on Memorial Day Weekend in Southern California. Rank:441,074 Worth:$4,000

Service Design Tools | Communication methods supporting design processes Rank:620,713 Worth:$1,100

Premier cartridge collecting site covering all types and forms of ammunition and their history, manufacture, markings and variations Rank:5,207,825 Worth:$15

Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) is a community-based civil rights organization located in San Francisco Chinatown. We fight for social justice for Chinese Americans and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in California. Rank:3,057,675 Worth:$25

Home - National Weather Association | Rank:610,682 Worth:$1,200

14 songs in 28 days. Make music. Because you can.? Rank:962,012 Worth:$740

Looking for debt relief? Our consolidation loans and relief programs have helped hundreds become debt-free. Escape the debt trap today! Rank:1,803,449 Worth:$170

Red Panda Network is committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities. Rank:1,235,529 Worth:$250

Planning to pursue a career in Nursing field but don't know from where to start? TopNursing helps you to find the reliable Top Nursing Schools. Rank:3,553,153 Worth:$22

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that strives for a more effective government for the American people. Rank:1,701,790 Worth:$180

Photoville amplifies visual storytellers and connects them to a worldwide diverse audience through its free photo festival and year-round activation of public spaces and educational community programming.

The Dictionary of UU Biography is a resource of online biographies of Unitarians & Universalists Rank:584,967 Worth:$1,200

Amahi is a media, home and app server software known for its easy-to-use user interface. Amahi has the best media, backup and web apps for small networks. Rank:2,985,819 Worth:$100

The AishDas Society – Da'as – Rashamim – Tif'eres Rank:240,961 Worth:$16,000

jamovi - open statistical software for the desktop and cloud Rank:9,485,733 Worth:$10

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) is the nation’s first mayor led guaranteed income demonstration. Rank:2,116,406 Worth:$140

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage – Communal Living | Sustainable Living | Community Living Rank:4,914,864 Worth:$16

We connect the big landscapes, restore iconic wildlife and protect our natural heritage for future generations in the Pacific Northwest. Rank:4,858,858 Worth:$16

NESFA – New England Science Fiction Association Rank:1,039,758 Worth:$290

Programming Librarian | A website of the American Library Association Public Programs Office

Rediscovering an American Community of Color – The Photographs of William Bullard, 1897 – 1917 Rank:469,227 Worth:$3,700

CBSE Sample Papers – CBSE Sample Papers for Academic Year 2021 – 22 Rank:1,971,438 Worth:$160

Foco Económico – Un blog latinoamericano de economía y polìtica. Rank:511,135 Worth:$1,400

You are looking for answers, wisdom, inspiration or just entertainment? Here you can find all of this and more - horoscopes, tarot, zodiac compatibility, games, quotes and much more in our articles. No matter what your heart is looking for, we are here to you help. We are Spirit Navigator and your soul is our mission! Rank:2,102,268 Worth:$150

Cinema St. Louis (CSL) is a nonprofit dedicated to screening the finest in international, American independent, and documentary film. Rank:195,109 Worth:$26,000

Free Online Stories for Kids! Bedtime Stories, Folktales, Fairy Tales, and More! Short moral stories displaying themes of human ethics. Rank:573,950 Worth:$1,200

Connect with other young changemakers and become the kind of leader our world needs. Join students from around the world for courses on leadership, purpose, and impact. Rank:496,944 Worth:$3,500

Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) | Rank:1,779,710 Worth:$170

The University of Illinois Law Review is an academic publication published by the students of the University of Illinois College of Law. Rank:5,453,393 Worth:$14 was initiated on an emergency basis in the wake of the election of Trump and Pence. Our founding mission called on all who recognized the catastrophic danger of the Trump/Pence regime to unite and organize to drive the regime out of power through sustained, non-violent mass protest. That such a mass movement did not materialize is something everyone who cares about humanity needs to confront – even as it is good that the Trump/Pence regime no longer holds executive power. Rank:667,046 Worth:$1,100

Free printable worksheets for elementary teachers and parents on any topic: math, reading, writing, handwriting and more! Rank:3,818,447 Worth:$20

Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan creates opportunities for people to connect, grow, and learn within an ever-changing Jewish landscape. Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan creates opportunities for people to connect, grow, and learn within an ever-changing Jewish landscape. Rank:9,141,205 Worth:$10

IPL is a national leader in engaging faith communities in environmental stewardship and climate action. Link with others who take action and move towards hope. Rank:704,857 Worth:$1,000

The latest Augmented Reality news, Virtual Reality news, and AR/VR industry business intelligence, reporting & insight from Rank:76,262 Worth:$82,000

Firestorm is to Virtual Worlds what Firefox and Google Chrome are to the Internet. We develop and distribute an open source viewer for accessing Virtual Worlds.

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