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Grace Communion International is a denomination with 50,000 members worshiping in 100 nations. We stress the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the communion of the Holy Spirit. Rank:432,158 Worth:$4,100

Découvrez toute l'actualité chrétienne française et internationale dans le Journal Chrétien. Le site Chrétiens .info s'est fixé une triple mission : informer, sensibiliser sur la problématique des chrétiens persécutés, et être un média au service des chrétiens de toutes les églises. Les chrétiens persécutés, les chrétiens d'Orient et les chrétiens célèbres sont les rubriques phares du site. %

FINCH RESEARCH NETWORK – Dedicated to the study and conservation of finches and their habitats globally Rank:2,168,985 Worth:$140

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a place to discover. It's a National Estuarine Research Reserve with its headquarters listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Wells Reserve staff and volunteers expand knowledge about coasts and estuaries, engage people in environmental learning, and involve communities in conserving natural resources. Their work is supported by members of the nonprofit Laudholm Trust. Rank:486,546 Worth:$3,600

Main Botball | KISS Institute for Practical Robotics

Welcome to ResearchBuzz. This has been my online home since 1998. In 1996, I wrote the first edition of Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research. In 1998, when working on the second edition, I decided I wanted to a blog to keep up with the changes. That's how ResearchBuzz got started. If you want more… Rank:7,523,131 Worth:$10

SO – IL is an internationally recognized architecture and design firm based in New York. We create structures that establish new cultures, institutions, and relationships. Rank:2,838,012 Worth:$110

The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States (FEMA) is comprised of flavor manufacturers, flavor users, flavor ingredient suppliers, and others with an interest in the U.S. flavor industry. Rank:3,899,680 Worth:$20

A digital archive of the 2000 David Irving v Deborah Lipstadt libel trial and educational resources to aid in debunking the myths of holocaust denial. Rank:5,200,321 Worth:$15

Fight for Truth. Home of the American Branch of the Richard III Society. Supporting research into the life and times of King Richard III. Rank:2,626,932 Worth:$120

Oolite Arts strives to be a leader in the South Florida contemporary cultural scene as a creative learning center and internationally recognized as a world-class cultural center. Rank:4,658,230 Worth:$16

TBI supports scientific research & exploration in the Lake Turkana Basin of northern Kenya, especially in the fields of human evolution and prehistory. Rank:5,397,385 Worth:$14

WFHB – Bloomington Community Radio Rank:884,528 Worth:$810

The Official Matrimony Service of Syro-Malabar Church || Managed by your diocese || run by syro malabar church internet mission SMCIM Rank:1,497,651 Worth:$200

Harness powerful teaching strategies, unleash the science of learning, and transform your classroom with resources by cognitive scientists. Rank:3,199,839 Worth:$24

Flux Factory – A not-for-profit arts community space in Queens Rank:2,711,344 Worth:$110

GoWelding.Org is all about welding and what you can do with that skill! This site covers types of welding, training, jobs and owning a business! Rank:1,835,141 Worth:$170

Ijams Nature Center is a nonprofit nature center inspiring people to care for the Earth through engaging education programs and outdoor experiences. Rank:1,438,382 Worth:$210

Mid-Continent Railway Museum – North Freedom, Wis. Rank:1,726,796 Worth:$180

Alchemy is an open drawing project aimed at exploring how we can sketch, draw, and create on computers in new ways. Rank:259,419 Worth:$15,000

htmx - high power tools for html Rank:3,992,327 Worth:$19

KIPR | KISS Institute for Practical Robotics Rank:3,647,250 Worth:$21

Sentience Institute is a interdisciplinary think tank researching long-term social and technological change, particularly moral circle expansion. Rank:702,018 Worth:$1,000

Encouraging better, more responsible political press coverage before the 2020 election.

Experience Minneapolis in a whole new way with Nice Ride, a fun and affordable way to get around! Rank:1,513,341 Worth:$200

Descubra o Parque Ibirapuera através do movimento comunitário que une as pessoas no cuidar das áreas verdes, históricas, públicas e abertas. Rank:4,114,564 Worth:$19

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that strives for a more effective government for the American people. Rank:1,544,403 Worth:$200

Muslims for Progressive Values Rank:2,942,889 Worth:$100

Our mission is to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration. Rank:553,181 Worth:$1,300

Simracing News simulation, steering wheels, pedals, cockpits, iRacing, Gran Turismo 7, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, F1 2021, Automobilista 2, RRE Rank:613,093 Worth:$1,200

Over 50 years of providing the world with the best in aftermarket Street Seats, Racing Seats, Off Road Seats, Jeep Seats, Suspension seats, Seat Brackets, Harness Belts and more. Rank:1,032,275 Worth:$300

Information about AI from the News, Publications, and ConferencesAutomatic Classification – Tagging and Summarization – Customizable Filtering and AnalysisIf you are looking for an answer to the question What is Artificial Intelligence? and you only have a minute, then here's the definition the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence offers on its home page: "the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines."However, if you are fortunate enough to have more than a minute, then please get ready to embark upon an exciting journey exploring AI (but beware, it could last a lifetime) … Rank:3,160,597 Worth:$24

Desde 1996 levando o Linux a sério

Lee Chambers is an award-winning British psychologist, accredited coach and expert in workplace wellbeing. Featured in Vogue, BBC, Healthline. Rank:1,703,575 Worth:$180

Waterfront Alliance inspires and effects resilient, revitalized, and accessible coastlines for all communities. Rank:3,829,570 Worth:$20

Everyone Graduates Center - Enabling All Students to Graduate Prepared for College, Career, and Civic Life. Rank:1,531,151 Worth:$200

Earth Island Institute Rank:10,869,542 Worth:$10

Global Aircraft offers information and photographs on planes from all over the world as well as fun interactive games, tests, webmaster interaction, forum, awards, and much more!

Strengthening and celebrating the lives of LGBTQ+ Jews and allies. Call or email the JQ Helpline today for inclusive support and resources. Rank:706,549 Worth:$1,000

Empowering the Next Generation of Women in Audio Rank:1,622,782 Worth:$190

Gomerblog - Earth's Finest Medical News Source | GomerBlog Rank:290,564 Worth:$13,000

2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing – Signal Processing in the AI era Rank:2,016,135 Worth:$150

Together for the Gospel - Together for the Gospel Rank:635,974 Worth:$1,100

The mission of the PCDH19 Alliance is to improve the lives of children and families affected by PCDH19 Epilepsy. We provide information and support to affected families, assist research efforts and ensure that no family suffers without a diagnosis and the best medical treatment. Rank:2,904,014 Worth:$100

Taking the power of design and architecture to people in every corner of Los Angeles. Rank:2,257,238 Worth:$140

Baltimore Heritage is a nonprofit dedicated to saving historic buildings and revitalizing neighborhoods. We celebrate the city's stories history and culture through tours and education. Rank:240,961 Worth:$16,000

jamovi - Stats. Open. Now. Rank:5,400,698 Worth:$14

California Cars Initiative for Plug-In Hybrids Rank:4,133,919 Worth:$19

Yale International Relations Association

Avdi Grimm's software development homepage on the World Wide Web. Code, sociotechnical systems, and banana stands. Rank:2,096,823 Worth:$150

We All Want Someone To Shout For is your Arctic Monkeys-inspired home for music reviews (singles and albums), concert reviews and photography, and film reviews. Rank:9,485,733 Worth:$10

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) is the nation’s first mayor led guaranteed income demonstration. Rank:2,966,752 Worth:$100

Network in Canadian History & Environment | Nouvelle initiative Canadienne en histoire de l'environnement Rank:1,298,804 Worth:$240 – A community working to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence. Rank:1,777,685 Worth:$170

UnionDocs (UNDO) is a non-profit Center for Documentary Art that presents and produces pioneering records of reality. Rank:3,855,194 Worth:$20

The website of Esperanto-USA, the national organization for Esperanto speakers in the United States of America. Rank:1,486,903 Worth:$210

AHNS the single largest organization in North America for the advancement of research and education in head and neck oncology

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Welcome to CNIDR financial help site. Look through our credit cards, loans mortgages, savings and insurance sections Rank:1,296,963 Worth:$240

Celebrating and providing platforms for visionary Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists.

Taala Hooghan Infoshop – Indigenous Established Infoshop in Flagstaff, AZ – Anti-colonial & Anti-capitalist Community Space

Campus Lifestyle is a platform that publishes Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships, Grants, Competitions, and various YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES.

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